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Prospectus design

Our team of trained graphic designers and professional photographers will be dedicated to producing a fantastic and innovative prospectus, to promote and showcase the great work going on within your learning environment.

As a company set up by ex-teachers we have a stronger understanding of your needs and will produce a prospectus that your school or college will be extremely proud of.


We offer full professional, dynamic and eye catching photography which will promote your school or college in the best possible light. Our photography coupled with our innovative design approach will convey the individual character of your school or college. We offer photography at very affordable rates

Workshops / School magazines

We run professional in school design courses. As a company set up by teachers we have a great deal of experience teaching students design and media skills. These vary from one-day magazine design courses, through to working with students to produce entire school magazines.


We can produce distinctive, fantastic and easy-to-use websites which portray the individual character of your school.


Who we are

your prospectus is a company set up by an ex teacher. We specialise in producing prospectuses which convey the individual character of your school. We differ from other companies in this market because having come from an educational background we understand that there will be budgetary and timetable restrictions and therefore we are able to adopt a flexible attitude. We are also publishers of student magazines such as Loud!, Full On! and Grad Mag and therefore have access to much cheaper print quotes than other companies.